Radiation from wireless networks (WiFi), DECT phone and GSM, UMTS masts ...

Is electronic technology a real threat to the modern human being? Is it really harmful for our body?
What is electro-smog? At first sight you can't smell, see or feel it. But it is everywhere and it gets worse by every day. Look in your own home PC, laptop, computer, WiFi, mobile phone, ... it grows every day. Can all of this hurt your health? Probably the answer is YES, it harms our health! Learn why you must guard against, take action!

Not only GSM radiation leads to health damage as well as wireless networks and DECT phones (it works on the same principle as WiFi networks). These devices are now already very large and powerful and can cause health problems, according to a report (August 31, 2007) of the Bio Initiative Working Group.
A hundred years ago there were already people who suffered from radiation, but this was mostly caused by terrestrial radiation and water veins. Now we have not only the earth that produces radiation but also the electronic devices made by men. And without knowing it, we put our health at risk, not only by the global warming and particulate matter from diesel soot, but our gadgets such as GPS, GSM, radio and numerous other gadgets make people sick. The most common symptoms are: dizziness, headache, impaired concentration, anxiety, fatigue (ie fatigue), tinnitus, restlessness, sleep disorders, allergies, muscle problems, tumors and many other things.

What is electro-smog?
Electro-smog can best be described as electromagnetic radiation. This is a term with which one describes electromagnetic fields caused by high voltage cables, radio stations and mobile and wireless applications, such as WiFi or Bluetooth. With WiFi networks is a radiation propagating in a circle with a radius of 50 meters minimum, after more than 50 meters weaken this signal. There are even devices to more than 100 meters far. The radiation cannot be compared with that of a microwave oven with heat via radiation occurs, this is done by accelerating the movement of atoms or molecules. The harmful radiation from a microwave oven are therefore shielded by a Faraday cage, as this is scientific evidence that radiation unhealthy. The radiation that comes from wireless devices is different but still some parts of the body affect. The trend in Wi-Fi devices is that the accessibility and hence the radiation simply strengthened in order to improve the accessibility of the wireless network to obtain.

Which types of electrical smog are there?
There are low frequency fields and RF fields. Low-frequency fields generally have a maximum range of 30 kHz, domestic electricity has 50 Hz. Low-frequency fields are produced when electricity is transported. Mobile applications uses high frequency fields up to 300 GHz.

What is pulsating radiation?
The signal emitted from a mobile phone to a base station is not constant, it is rather a return signal at intervals of 4615 milliseconds, or 217 times per second place, that's 217 Hz. Critics accuse pulsed radiation for a variety of adverse effects.

What do electromagnetic fields with our body?
Some high-frequency electromagnetic waves, such as mobile applications are reflected by the body, while others are absorbed and converted into heat. Studies conducted by leading institutions show that electromagnetic radiation can have a negative effect on health. A common phenomenon is that mobile phones increasing warmth of the head or the body, in certain cases it increased the body head by 2 degrees. This has enacted a law that a mobile phone, may produce not more than 2 degrees temperature to our heads.

Is electromagnetic radiation dangerous?
The limits of radiation exposure are defined in the Decree on Electromagnetic Fields (26th Federal Emission Control Ordinance). The radiation from mobile phones has both a thermal effect and a thermal effects, and there is still no consensus on whether this altered cells within our body. The thermal effect means that our bodies can absorb more energy than is necessary and regulate our body, our body converts the remaining energy into heat. This athermal effect is suspected of causing metabolic changes in cells. There are a number of ongoing studies on the subject, leading scientists have done a call to the public to be careful and wise of using mobile phones.

Cell phones are mobile radio stations.
Unlike the base station, mobile phone radiation is near the body emitted, making the resulting amount of energy to the body has a much larger influence. A five-minute call to a mobile phone is equivalent to the amount of energy a base station emissions at a distance of 50 meters for 24 hours.

Can High-frequency rays cause cancer?
Due to the different studies, there is probably a link between high-frequency radiation and cancer, but still there is no solid scientific information. But keep this in mind that digital wireless technology is only just being used and that a clear statement only can be formed in the longer term. A cautious approach to this issue is certainly recommended. But a wise decision here in place is: "Prevention is better than cure'.
Several research studies have brought scientific evidence that there is a correlation between the use of mobile phones and cancer. Physicians do not exclude that headaches and sleep disturbances may be due to electromagnetic radiation. As of today, there is unfortunately still not enough evidence to prove this.

The medic world
Electromagnetic radiation does not work at all in the same way. For some people it works on the psyche, for others on their energy. The energy is denied in the official medical science. Many doctors do not believe in the existence of something like a human mind. Thus you find in the reports also never return to harm. They measure only physical or molecular levels.

Children and young people are more sensitive to electronic smog!
Doctors believe that a child has a more sensitive response to electrical smog than adults because their bodies have not yet fully developed. So there is definitely a cautious approach required in children and adolescents.

The man and his health
For a healthy person likely there is no health problem, but someone who is impaired by illness or even stress, this person can be a bird for the cat. Many people would therefore have more health problems than before. And one wireless device will not hurt but we gave more and more wireless devices in our home. The question is where all this will end. We think that in the foreseeable future, that many anti-WiFi movements will rise up. People will be raised awareness of the fact that electromagnetic radiation is indeed harmful. It's been proven that Wifi and sitting near a computer screen stops creating Melatonin, a substance that our body create, needed to can sleep.

Large companies that sell such devices say that nothing is wrong, by demonstrating this with studies mostly funded by them. Politics and telecommunications companies make sure that all of these devices simply lie in store as far if they can raise money and so the economy continues to run. Many other independent studies prove the opposite. In Germany, they are very far with independent studies, the German government supports the independent studies that show us much worse results. What the effects are of WiFi for our health will only be know by 2035.

What can I do about electromagnetic radiation?
For your own life, you should try to minimize potential sources of radiation in your environment. When mobile phones are lit, keep them as far away from your body. If possible, use a fixed phone for calls. Using a headset can save you reduce exposure around the head.

Can I protect myself from radiation?
Even people who do not use mobile phones are not protective against electromagnetic radiation. Everywhere there are cell phones used there are electromagnetic fields. Wearing specially designed clothes such as the E-Blocker from Novonic would significantly reduce exposure to radiation.

Protect yourself against it
Fortunately, there is now an alternative to everything. To surf everywhere in your house you can use a Devolo system, the Internet is sent through the outlet. Just put the cable into the socket of the Internet sites and ready. What about the radiation from the outside? A house entirely made from concrete, precast elements has been offering good protection, think of the nuclear power plants. Aluminum foil is naturally an insulator against different types of radiation. There's even a paint (probably based on aluminum oxide) on the market that hold against electro smog. And there are companies that are engaged in the neutralization of electric rays. What also works very effectively is the specially designed clothes of Novonic E-Blocker, that completely repels radiation from our body. This will probably very expensive but even the best is not enough for our health so let it be expensive. Right?

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